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"The team at AMW Group are amazing. Very open and honest, we are extremely happy with the results!"
Dalston O, California
"My Spotify streams skyrocketed in a matter of weeks and the associates were really good!"
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Customize & Build Your Own Campaign

Discover the ease and efficiency of AMW's Build Your Own Campaign tool, specially tailored for Music Promotion services. This intuitive platform lets you craft and customize your marketing strategies, ensuring your music reaches the right audience effortlessly.

Benefit from AMW's industry expertise and innovative technology to drive engagement and elevate your music’s presence in the digital landscape. Your journey towards resonating musical success begins with just a few clicks.

Professional Electronic Press Kit

Get a custom made EPK for your next project. The press kit is a powerful resource that you can use to introduce yourself to Industry decision makers and grow your career!

These EPKs have helped our Clients get in the door with record labels, A&Rs, Venue Bookers, Agents and Managers. It's all customized to fit your latest project.

Music Promotion That Works

Our music marketing strategy and the variety of music promoter tools we offer ensure that your music marketing efforts resonate with your target audience. Explore the different music promotion services we offer and reach out with any questions.
music promotion service
Are you dreaming of captivating packed stadiums with your performances?

Realizing such dreams demands a solid blueprint and a potent music marketing campaign. AMW equips you with the essential tools to navigate this journey. Presenting a quality musical product mandates a professional approach to your craft. A selection of straightforward tools can significantly enhance your visibility, keeping your trajectory toward success well-aligned.

The cornerstone of a thriving music career lies in meticulous planning and pragmatic steps forward. For instance, aspiring to grace the cover of Billboard as a burgeoning artist requires a well-crafted promotional strategy to bridge your current position with your ambitions.

Consistent quality in your releases, coupled with the support of an experienced promotional team, forms the foundation of your ascent. Commence with delineating your music promotion plan, pinpointing your primary objectives, and the requisite steps to fulfill them.

Documenting your goals facilitates a tangible measure of your progress, fueling your motivation.

Our support

AMW pledges unparalleled dedication to elevating your music career through our premium music promotion services. Our seasoned team, coupled with an exhaustive array of offerings, including music marketing services, music promotion strategies, and music streaming services, positions us as your go-to ally for organic music marketing needs.

Our support is comprehensive whether you're on the brink of an album launch, fostering an upcoming release, or pursuing potent music marketing strategies. Our expertise in music promotion, underscored by a commitment to tangible outcomes, underpins our mission to assist you in music management, promotion, and broadening your digital footprint. Initiate your music promotion journey with us today.

Highlighting the breadth of our services, from indie music promotion to YouTube music promotion and Spotify promotion services, it caters to a spectrum of artists, including aspiring music artists and indie artists. Our strategies are designed to resonate across social media platforms, leveraging the best music promotion tactics and playlist initiatives to amplify your presence.

Tailored solutions

Moreover, the music industry demands a versatile approach with its myriad of music promotion sites and online music promotion services. From reasonable music promotion options for independent music promotions to comprehensive music promotion services online, we aim to provide tailored solutions. This includes navigating the complex ecosystem of music streaming services and ensuring your music is accessible and engaging for your target audience. Embrace our expertly curated promotional packages, designed to elevate your music across the music scene, making your sound accessible to a wider audience through direct-to-fan campaigns, music blogs, and targeted music blogs. Our promotional campaigns are meticulously crafted to guarantee Spotify playlist placement, enhance your music business profile, and engage genuine fans, solidifying your presence in the digital music domain.

Let's embark on this journey together, leveraging our full-service recording studio, social media digital marketing expertise, and many music promotion tools to make your music heard, promote music effectively, and secure your place in the ever-evolving music landscape.

We work with every Music Genres

Our spectrum of music genres is vast and inclusive, embracing everything from Pop, Hip Hop and Rap, Rock, Blues, and Alternative to K-pop, EDM, Country Music, R&B and Soul, Reggae, Gospel, Indie Pop, Jazz, Classical, Latin Music, Opera, Folk Music, to World Music.

This diversity ensures that every artist finds a place within our services, regardless of their musical style or audience.

Music Promotion

Music Artist Promotion
Our Music Promotion is designed to arm artists with the essential tools to broaden their reach, explicitly tailored to their music genre. By selecting from our primary packages—Music Blog Reviews, Playlist Promotion, and PR Plus—you're not just getting your music out there; you're elevating it to new heights.

Every artist requires a strategic promotion plan to advance, and we're committed to providing top-tier services to meet these needs. Whether you're a record label, artist, or producer, navigating the complexities of music promotion is vital. Our customized plans are developed with your unique goals in mind, ensuring you receive targeted support and guidance every step of the way.

Access To Our Team - Music Industry Professionals

Our team, comprised of seasoned music industry professionals, brings years of music promotion expertise, from working with world-renowned artists to supporting indie music promotions. This extensive experience ensures that your campaign is in capable hands.

Through our client dashboard, you gain direct access to our team for seamless communication, file sharing, and strategic consultations. Scheduled calls and comprehensive services, including release announcements, Spotify playlist promotions, brand consulting, and bespoke strategy development, are all part of our commitment to your success.

We emphasize our dedication to offering a broad range of music promotion services. Our expertise covers everything from indie music promotion, YouTube music promotion, to Spotify promotion services, catering to aspiring music artists looking for the best music promotion services online.

With a focus on making music accessible through various platforms like Apple Music and social media, our goal is to promote music effectively, ensuring artists can connect with their audience directly.

Our approach encompasses traditional music marketing strategies and leveraging digital and social media management to maximize reach. From radio promotion to targeted music blogs and playlist initiatives, our promotional campaigns are designed to guarantee Spotify playlist placement and enhance visibility across streaming platforms.

For independent artists and music producers, our services extend beyond mere promotion. We offer comprehensive artist services, including music PR, social media marketing, and online advertising, all aimed at crafting a robust online presence. Our promotional packages are tailored to meet the diverse needs of many artists, ensuring that music promotions are heard and resonate with genuine fans.

Whether you're looking to make a splash in the music scene with chill music, seeking playlist promotion for your latest indie music project, or aiming for the top of Spotify playlists, our team is here to support your music career every step of the way.

Engage with us for unparalleled music promotion services online, and let's create a success story together.
Our YouTube video promotion campaigns are meticulously designed for artists eager to amplify their music through targeted advertising. This approach broadens your reach across a diverse audience and ensures your content connects with specific music genres, maximizing impact and visibility.

Our track record speaks volumes, with past campaigns propelling music videos to millions of views and significantly boosting artists' profiles.

Leverage our comprehensive music promotion services to catapult your music career to new heights. Whether you're an independent artist looking to make a mark in the music industry or an established act aiming to expand your audience, our YouTube music promotion is invaluable.

We tailor our campaigns to align with your artistic vision and promotional goals by integrating key strategies from music marketing to social media digital marketing.

YouTube Video Promotion

YouTube Music Video Promotion

Our Video Promotion Service

Our service focuses on promoting indie music across a diverse range of genres - from chilled-out beats to lively tunes. It's ideal for aspiring artists who want to boost their presence on music promotion sites and platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Our promotional packages are designed to offer everything from playlist promotion to guaranteed Spotify playlist placement, ensuring your music reaches the ears of genuine fans and garners substantial Spotify streams.

Our expertise extends beyond simple music promotion, offering a full suite of services, including music consulting, radio promotion, and targeted music blogs. This holistic approach is aimed at promoting music and building a sustainable music career through strategic online music promotion services.

Our digital marketing and online advertising strategies are designed to give your music videos the exposure they deserve on YouTube and other social media platforms. We use the latest techniques, ensuring that your videos get significant traction and reach a wider audience. Our dedicated team, equipped with the best music promotion services online, works tirelessly to promote your music, ensuring your artistic contributions are recognized and appreciated widely.

Start your YouTube video promotion campaign with us today and experience the power of targeted advertising to elevate your music, connect with a broader audience, and achieve remarkable success in the music scene.

Whether you're releasing new music submissions, seeking to boost your music videos, or aiming for higher engagement on your YouTube channel, our services are designed to deliver tangible results and propel your music career forward.

Digital Ads for Music Promotion

For our more substantial clients, we offer advanced digital ad services tailored to elevate your music promotion efforts.

Our team boasts a rich history of crafting and managing digital ads for various entertainment projects. This expertise encompasses driving follower engagement, propelling streams, and boosting sales for merchandise and tickets.

AMW's experienced ad team will expertly manage and test your digital ad campaign. We delve deep into website analytics, optimizing for speed, SEO performance, traffic, and conversions to ensure your online presence is as robust as possible.

Commencing with a thorough audit of your existing and previous marketing endeavors, we craft a tailored game plan to catapult your success. This strategic approach is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of music promotion services, ensuring your music reaches its intended audience through music promotion sites, social media platforms, or targeted music blogs.

Our services are particularly beneficial for indie music promotion, offering a suite of options to elevate music artists in the digital realm, from YouTube music promotion to Spotify promotion services.

Our commitment to promoting music extends to aspiring music artists and independent artists alike, leveraging best music promotion practices to secure your place in the competitive music scene. Through our playlist promotion services, radio promotion, and social media digital marketing efforts, we aim to maximize your music's accessibility and engagement with genuine fans.

AMW's Digital Ads Service

AMW's digital ads service goes beyond traditional music marketing strategies, incorporating the latest online music promotion services to ensure your music is heard across all relevant platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify playlists. Our comprehensive promotional packages give your music the visibility it deserves, backed by our guarantee of Spotify playlist placement and support for music submissions.

Whether you're focused on making music, seeking to enhance your music career, or aiming to impact the music industry significantly, our digital ad services are designed to promote music effectively and efficiently. From indie artists to music producers, we aim to support your journey towards achieving remarkable Spotify streams and fostering a vibrant community of aspiring musicians and music fans.

Engage with AMW for unparalleled digital advertising and music PR services, and watch as we transform your digital presence, ensuring your music resonates with audiences worldwide.

Customize Your Own Music Promotion Campaign

Embrace the freedom to tailor your music promotion journey with our new, customizable campaign option.

This innovative approach grants unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to explore and combine different promotional tactics to suit your music's unique needs best. From securing targeted blog placements and engaging in Spotify playlist promotion to making waves with YouTube video promotion, internet radio promotion, and impactful press release announcements, the power to shape your campaign is in your hands.

Enhance your strategy with add-ons, including Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), professional bio writing, and comprehensive social media strategy dossiers, ensuring every aspect of your online presence is polished and potent. This bespoke campaign service is designed to adapt month-to-month, providing continuous support tailored to the evolving landscape of the music industry and your career

By leveraging our extensive suite of music promotion services, you're not just promoting music but cultivating a dynamic music career. Our platform offers a gateway to the best music promotion services online, catering to indie artists and aspiring music artists alike. Whether you're looking to splash on music promotion sites, achieve guaranteed Spotify playlist placement, or engage with fans through direct-to-fan and social media marketing, our customizable campaigns are the solution.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to providing cheap music promotion without compromising quality means you have access to a full-service recording studio, music consulting services, and a range of promotional packages designed to make your music accessible to a wider audience. From indie music promotion to harnessing the power of music streaming services like Apple Music, we aim to ensure your music is heard across all relevant platforms.

Dive into online music promotion services with us, where promoting artists and their music becomes a collaborative, creative process. Whether you're an independent artist looking to boost your YouTube channel, a music producer aiming for more Spotify streams, or a musician eager to engage with new music submissions, our customizable campaign option is your tool for success.

Configure your personalized campaign today and start making music that resonates with genuine fans, propels your presence in the music scene, and elevates your music career to new heights.

Spotify Playlist Promotion

Spotify Playlist Promotion
Elevate your music career with our esteemed Spotify playlist promotion service, a pivotal strategy in modern music marketing that positions your sound in the spotlight of thousands of potential new listeners.

Our approach is rooted in organic growth and genuine interaction, bridging the gap between fans and musicians for real, impactful engagement. Handpick one of your tracks, and let us leverage our expansive curator network to secure the perfect playlist placements, tailor-made to resonate with your unique musical style.

Our service is a cornerstone for indie music promotion, offering aspiring music artists a golden opportunity to shine in the competitive music industry. By integrating our promotion efforts with music promotion sites, social media platforms, and targeted music blogs, we amplify your presence beyond Spotify, encompassing the vast digital music ecosystem from Apple Music to YouTube music promotion.

This holistic promotion strategy is ideal for music artists seeking to enhance their music scene visibility, whether through chill music nuances or vibrant indie anthems. With a track record of guaranteeing Spotify playlist placement, we offer promotional packages that span the spectrum of the music business, from radio promotion to social media digital marketing, ensuring your music is accessible and heard across multiple platforms.

Our commitment to promoting music extends to providing comprehensive artist services designed to cultivate a thriving music career, including music PR, digital marketing, and online advertising. For independent artists and music producers looking to promote music effectively, our Spotify promotion services are unmatched in delivering the best music promotion results, ensuring your single gains the traction it deserves.

Join us for your Spotify playlist promotion and embark on a journey of musical discovery, where unlimited song uploads and strategic playlist promotion initiatives open doors to new audiences and genuine fans.

Let's start promoting your music today, ensuring your tracks dominate the playlists and achieve the Spotify streams necessary for a successful, vibrant music career.

Blogs & Reviews

Enhance your music's online presence through strategic blog placement reviews. Our comprehensive network of music-related blogs assures guaranteed placements that align with your music genre, significantly expanding your digital footprint. These blog reviews broaden your visibility and drive sustained traffic, contributing to a robust music promotion strategy.

Our targeted approach ensures we pinpoint blogs that resonate with your sound, diligently following up to secure a review or feature that amplifies your music career.

Our Digital Boost campaign, specifically tailored for new and independent artists, serves as an ideal launchpad, providing a foundational step into music promotion services online. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to offering the best music promotion services designed to navigate the complexities of the music industry effectively.

Leverage our Expertise

Leverage our expertise to promote music across various platforms, from Spotify promotion services to YouTube music promotion, ensuring your music reaches a wider audience. We understand the importance of social media digital marketing in today's music marketing strategies, utilizing platforms like Apple Music and Spotify playlists to maximize your music's accessibility and engagement.

For indie artists seeking to make their music heard, our service offers a direct path to music streaming services, ensuring your tracks gain the attention they deserve. Our promotion campaigns aim to secure Spotify playlist placement and engage with music blogs, fostering genuine connections with fans and enhancing your music's online profile.

Our promotional packages are carefully crafted to support music artists at every stage of their music career, from aspiring musicians to established acts looking to expand their audience. With options ranging from radio promotion to playlist promotion, our services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of many artists, promoting music effectively across social media platforms and streaming platforms.

Embark on your journey with us and use our music promotion services, including music consulting services and digital marketing, to build a successful music career. Our approach not only promotes your music but also assists in creating a compelling artist profile, engaging new artists in the promotion process, and connecting them with new music submissions and live video interviews.

Independent artists can confidently navigate the music promotion landscape with our support, achieving greater visibility, Spotify streams, and a dedicated fanbase.

Start with our Blogs & Reviews campaign today and witness how our targeted music promotions can elevate your presence in the music scene.

Times Square Ads for Music Promotion

Elevate your music career with unparalleled visibility through our Times Square Billboard Exposure, featured on the iconic Reuters sign in the heart of New York City.

Our diverse packages, detailed on the products page, are tailored to meet various promotional needs. Whether making a significant announcement or launching a new release, our Times Square ads provide the grand stage your music deserves, with options starting from 30-second slots every hour.

This high-impact advertising opportunity ensures your Times Square billboard ad captures the attention of thousands, offering an unmatched platform for both major artist releases and independent artists seeking to make a substantial impact in the music industry. With the capability to showcase photos and videos, this space allows you to express your music and brand creatively, ensuring your message resonates with a broad audience.

Our Times Square ads service is integral to our comprehensive music promotion services, designed to propel your music career forward. By leveraging this premium exposure, you're not just promoting music but embedding your tracks into the fabric of one of the world's most bustling environments. This service is perfect for aspiring music artists and indie artists aiming for the top, offering a strategic push in our extensive array of music marketing strategies.

Incorporate this dynamic advertising solution into your music promotion campaigns to enhance visibility on music streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music, and effectively engage with social media platforms. Our Times Square ads are an excellent complement to other promotional efforts, such as Spotify playlist promotion, YouTube music promotion, and targeted music blogs, ensuring your music reaches both new and existing fans powerfully and memorably.

Whether you're looking to guarantee Spotify playlist placement, boost your presence on social media, or secure coverage in music blogs, our Times Square ads provide a significant advantage. Ideal for music artists at any stage of their career, from independent artists to established acts, this service amplifies your promotional packages, making your music accessible to a vast audience and supporting direct-to-fan campaigns.

Explore the potential of Times Square ads to make your music heard, promote your latest music videos, and share your artistic vision on one of the world's most prestigious advertising platforms.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Times Square billboard exposure can be a game-changer for your music promotion efforts, driving engagement, streaming platform success, and genuine fan connections.

Music Promotion FAQ

Music promotion is the process of increasing an artist's visibility and audience reach through various marketing and publicity efforts. This can include strategies such as digital advertising, social media marketing, Spotify promotion, music video distribution, and collaboration with music blogs and playlists.

A music promotion service specializes in these activities, offering artists a platform to connect with more listeners and grow their fan base organically.
How can I promote my music?
Promoting your music effectively involves a combination of strategies including utilizing social media platforms, submitting your music to Spotify playlists, engaging in independent music promotions, and considering paid music promotion services for wider reach.

Creating compelling music videos and leveraging music blogs for reviews and features can also significantly enhance your visibility.
How do you promote yourself as a musician?
Self-promotion as a musician requires a proactive approach: build a online presence through social media, create an engaging artist profile, release music consistently, and network with industry professionals. Utilizing free services for initial exposure and investing in music promotion services as you grow can also be beneficial.
What is an artist promo package?
An artist promo package, often synonymous with a music promo package, is a curated set of promotional tools and services designed to enhance an artist's visibility and career growth. These packages can include press release distribution, social media marketing, music video promotion, Spotify playlist placement, tailored to meet the needs of indie artists.
What should be included in a promo package?
A promo package should include a well-crafted artist bio, high-quality photos, links to music videos, press releases, music samples or links to streaming platforms, and any notable press coverage. For digital promotion, it should also feature social media profiles, Spotify promotion strategies, and any relevant music online metrics to demonstrate audience engagement.
What is the best promotion for music?
The best music promotion varies depending on your music style, target audience, and career goals. However, a combination of online promotion through music streaming services, social media marketing, Spotify playlist inclusion, and engaging with your audience directly can form a powerful promotional strategy.
What is a good budget for music promotion?
A good budget for music promotion depends on your financial capacity and the extent of exposure you aim to achieve. While cheap music promotion options exist, investing anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars can provide a more substantial impact, especially if utilizing multiple channels and professional services.
How much should music PR cost?
The cost of music PR can vary widely depending on the services provided, the reputation of the PR firm, and the campaign's length and scope. Comprehensive services can cost several thousand dollars, while basic services may only cost a few hundred dollars.

It's important to assess the potential return on investment and choose a service that aligns with your budget and goals.
How can I promote my song online?
Promote your song online by distributing it across music streaming services, submitting it to playlist curators, engaging with fans on social media, and using targeted digital ads. Online music promotion services can help streamline this process, offering tailored packages for maximum exposure.
How can I get my music noticed online?
Getting your music noticed online involves strategic promotion across various platforms. Consistently share your content on social media, collaborate with other musicians, leverage Spotify playlist submission for wider reach, and consider investing in digital marketing and music PR services.
Are music promoters worth it?
Music promoters can be worth the investment, especially for independent artists looking to expand their reach without the backing of a major label. They offer expertise and access to promotional channels that might be difficult to navigate on your own.
How do I hire a music promoter?
Hiring a music promoter involves researching and reaching out to reputable music promotion companies or independent promoters with experience in your genre. Services with transparent pricing, clear communication, and a successful track record in promoting artists are ideal.

It's essential to discuss your goals, budget, and expectations before entering a partnership to ensure they align with the promoter's capabilities.
Is paid music promotion worth it?
Paid music promotion is often worth it for artists seeking to accelerate their career growth. While free services offer value, paid promotion can significantly increase your visibility, audience engagement, and opportunities for success in a competitive industry.
Are music promotion services worth it?
Music promotion services can be worth the investment if they offer targeted, strategic promotion that aligns with your music career goals. Effective promotion can significantly enhance your visibility, increase streams and followers, and open up opportunities for live performances and collaborations.

However, it's crucial to choose reputable services known for promoting artists successfully and offering transparent, measurable results.

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